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Looking Into the Sanctuary


Looking Into
the Sanctuary

You are encouraged to study more thoroughly any of the topics presented in these sermons. To the right are topics for which Mr. Whitman has prepared written presentations in pdf format. You are invited to download these and prayerfully study further.
Date Speaker Sermon Title Audio--mp3

September 25, 2011
Darwin Whitman "Jesus Is the Way"--to the Gate -sermon-

September 26, 2011
Darwin Whitman To the Alter of Burnt Offering -sermon-

September 27, 2011
Darwin Whitman "Moses, On the Abomination of Desolation" -sermon-

September 28, 2011
Darwin Whitman "1844: So What?" -sermon-

September 29, 2011
Darwin Whitman "The Fourth and Forgotten Book of Heaven" -sermon-

September 30, 2011
Darwin Whitman "Symbols and Colors of the High Priest's Uniform" -sermon-

October 1, 2011--morning
Darwin Whitman "The Cross and It's Shadow" -sermon-

October 1, 2011--evening
Darwin Whitman "Orion and Beyond--As Seen in the Sanctuary" -sermon-
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