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Church Building Project:  Do You See What I See?   Have you noticed the changes at the church? Progress is happening even when it doesn't look like it.

  • Here is what you will notice if you go and look:
  • Ridge cap is in process
  • Stucco is going on currently
  • Door are installed
  • Concrete floor (mezzanine) for the HVAC compressors is poured
  • The sewer lines are complete and both inspected and approved!

Phase I is FINISHED!!  The Finishing of Phase I marks the halfway point of the church building's completion!
As funds come in, Phase II will begin. Here is the order they should be completed:

  1. Install insulation
  2. Fire suppression system installation
  3. Complete lower mezzanine
  4. Install of HVAC
  5. Walls, electrical, plumbing

Look at how the Lord has blessed the church project so far. Please continue to keep this in your prayers and in your giving as we move forward. If you support the last half as you did the first, it won't be long before we are finished and even greater service to the community can be effected. Watch the thermometer poster in the Lobby. Thank you!

Updated: Feb 3, 2013