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 Thank You, Father     (sung by CCS Choir)
Words: Diana K. O’Keefe        Music: Suzanne Hunt Paterson
Thank you, Father, for all these:
   —Singing birds up in the trees,
   —Puppy dogs and friends who care,
   —Bright leaves falling everywhere,
   —Every pretty song I hear,
   —Fluffy snow and white tailed deer,
   —Scents of fresh-cut hay in fall
   ———thank you Father for it all.
   —For all your work, for what is good,
   —For lasting peace and brotherhood.
            I give you thanks with songs of praise;
You bless me in so many ways.
   —Like the golden sun that shines
   Thank         you   Father
        —On the great big southern pines
   —Thank           you Father
   Gifts surround us everywhere:
  Thank           you Father
      We just look and find them there.
    For           all   things
   Even crimson dawns and velvet nights,
      Milky Way and northern lights
         Cannot match what lies above.
Thank you, Father, for you love.
Thank you, Father, for you love.