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Prayers for Miracles in our Church and School
Please pray and work toward the following miracles:
  1. That God will keep us individually, as a church, and as a school looking to Jesus so that we all can be drawn to Him, and be used by Him.
  2. That God will orchestrate whatever is needed to bring the students to our school that God sees especially need to be here.
  3. That God will impress hearts to provide the funds and other resources necessary to keep our school doing the things that are pleasing to God. And if the school is not currently doing what pleases God, that He will do whatever it takes to bring us to an understanding of how to accomplish His work.
  4. That God will bring about a spirit of unity within both our school and our church.
  5. That God will move us off the side-lines, from doing little besides applauding or offering "bleacher-coaching", and moving us into active areas of ministry and discipleship.
  6. That God would develop in us an attitude of thanksgiving and rejoicing that He has  brought to our attention the fact that without Him, we can do nothing; that He has allowed this apparent crisis so that we would be brought together to seek Him and His ways.
Updated: Jul 5, 2014