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Pathfinders and Adventurers Worship Program 2013
Processional Adventurers Entering Trumpet Call
Processional Pathfinders Entering Trumpet Call
Colors, Law, Pledge Adventurers and Pathfinders various students
Welcome and Announcements   Melissia Wallen
Pastor Clinton Meharry
Patty Wride
Children's Offering Jared Beaubien Offeratory
Battle of Jericho Children's Story various students
Scripture Songs and Scripture Quotes Adventurers various students
Special Music Matt & Tim Roberts, Matthew & Jared Wallen Brass Quartet
Prayer   Jeff Wallen
Scripture Jameson John 3:16
Introduction of Speakers   Jeff Wallen
1. Why I Like Pathfinders   Kelsy Saunders
2. Why I Like Pathfinders   Sydney Beaubien
3. Why I Like Pathfinders   Casiah McUne
Closing Comments   Jeff Wallen
Marta Beaubien
Postlude   Sydney Beaubien
Updated: Mar 10, 2013