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CCS Fund Raisers

There are many opportunities available to you to help provide additional funding (or educational value) to Crestview Christian School.

Donation: You may give tax deductable donations to CCS through specified offerings
[Local Worthy Student (CCS); Local Church School] through Moses Lake SDA Church and also
via general fund donations to the school.

Organized Fundraisers:  You can participate in fundraisers meals (such as on ABC book sale days, or Saturday night events)
Fall Festival is coming up soon and you can participate in several ways with this fun and spirited event.

Sponsor a Student:  There are students currently attending CCS, and students who would like to attend CCS
who do not have sufficient tuitional assistance. Sponsoring such a student will help not only stengthen CCS, but also strengthen the bond between church members and students. Contact Melissia Wallen-principal or Deni Morgan-treasurer for needs more details.

Volunteer:  There is really no end to the possibilities of assistance that can be provided to our students and the teachers at CCS.
If you have a heart for helping students, a willingness to work, and a skill, please feel invited to contact Melissia Wallen-principal, any of the teachers, and/or any of the school board members.

Commercially Established Fundraisers:
Boxtops and Labels from hundreds of products.
Shop online and earn for your school.
Bonus for your school.

more options will be posted as awareness is made to the church's or school's webmasters.