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ACS of LOVE: (Adventist Community Services) Meeting:
          Tuesdays @ 6:15 p.m.--Meet & greet
                              6:30 p.m.--meeting starts
The Wride house:  729 Dahlia; (Patricia 770-1149)


  Emergency Preparedness

Adventist Community Services meets people’s immediate needs through a variety of social services such as Case Management, Budget Counseling, Representative Payee Services, Assisting and Relieving the homeless of their afflictions, Mentoring those displaced, providing Advocacy both financially, for social service agencies and for Medical needs  We also provide OUTREACH opportunities to minister to the Community and provide what is called GAP Ministries within the community where the need is not provided elsewhere (filling the GAP). Additionally, we provide Health screening, education and assistance, disaster response and so much more.

The MISSION of ACS of LOVE in Moses Lake is:
To seek and save the lost, to bind up the broken hearted by showing compassion to people in need and if the Lord permits, to set the captives free of health issues that involve "body", "mind" and "spirit" restoring them back to a healthy life physically, spiritually and emotionally by putting the love of Christ into ACTION, while addressing their problems we are praying we are making a difference, ONE LIFE AT A TIME!

Welcome Wagon.
(2) Tutoring and mentoring programs
(3) New Beginnings Ministry
(4) Health Screening education and assistance
(5) Healthy Living education and assistance
(6) Disaster Response
(7) Senior Outreach Project
(8) School Outreach Project
(9) Community Outreach Project

For more information, and to get involved, please contact:

Patricia Wride (Leader)  For a review of the activities of ACS of LOVE from Summer 2010 through Spring 2011, listen to the sermon of Patricia Wride: "What Is the Glory Of God"

Want to be involved?  You can join one of the existing ministries or talk to Patricia, she will help you start one of your own!