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Bible Study, Discipleship, and Dialog in Practical Christianity; these are the primary features of Sabbath School. There are classes geared for all ages and study/discipling-needs groups. We invite you to make daily preparation for that exchange of practical Christianity. Some of the insights to be exchanged you will provide to others, and some insights you will receive from others at your choice of a Sabbath School class.

Currently, we have classes for:
  •  Cradle Roll / Kindergarten (ages birth - 5 yrs)    Here the very young are guided through an hour of active learning geared to their stage of faith development.
  •  Primary (ages 6 - 9 / grades 1-3)    The children are provided active, faith-shaping experiences and dialogue crafted for ages 6 - 9 / grades 1 - 3).
  •   Junior / Earliteen (ages 10 - 15 / grades 4 - 9)   The young people are challenged with reading, discussing, concept building, and activities that help shape faith and committment to Christ and to service to others.
  •  Adults (3 different classes using the SDA Adult Sabbath School Quarterly / (lesson study guides)   Our adult classes are discussion-based, using the Quarterly as our starting point, and focussing on our personal study and experience.
  • Family Life Class--begins a new series entitled "Defining Moments."  Andy Stanley shares stories from scripture that have lessons for our everyday living. Come join us.

Join us in one of these classes and bring your life experiences, a desire to know God's will and ways, and a willingness to grow in your relationship with God, your family, and your fellowmen.

See you Sabbath morning!

For a conceptual / philosophical introduction to why we have Sabbath School, check out this link:
  •  What Is Sabbath School.   Sabbath School has a wonderful foundation in God's passionate desire to have fellowship with His human family, and to provide His human family enhanced opportunity for fellowship with one another....
Updated: Jun 28, 2014