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Family Life Class
Defining Moments
By: Andy Stanley


It is no secret that what you don't know can hurt you. In spite of that, we still go out of our way at times to avoid the truth. Men avoid doctors and women deny evidence of adultery. While the truth often hurts, deceiving ourselves ultimately will hurt worse.
In Defining Moments, we listen in as Jesus introduces some rather perplexing truth to seven individuals who had grown comfortable with their misinformed lifestyles and belief systems. For those who had the courage to embrace the truth, their lives were changed forever. They discovered firsthand that the truth can set you free. 
  • Part One: "Letting Go" - John 8:31-37 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Two: "Good Isn't Good Enough" - John 3:1-16 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Three: "A Conflict of Interest" - Mark 10:17-22, John 17:3 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Four: "Seeing is Believing" - John 9:1-17 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Five: "Thirsty?" - John 4:3-42 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Six: "Games People Play" - Matthew 22:15 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Seven: "Easier Said Than Done" - Mark 2:1-12 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Eight: "Playing God" - John 18:28-19:16 - (Andy Stanley)
  • Part Nine: "Imagine" - 2 Corinthians 5:1-10, 3:12-15 - (Andy Stanley)
Operating Guidelines for Family Life Class
  1. Our mission is; “To help people experience the individual growth and character development necessary for a healthy, closer relationship with their Heavenly Father, their spouse, their family, and the communities in which they live.”
  2. It is not left to the class facilitators "fix" the people in the class but rather we present material and facilitate programs that will hopefully cause people to be personally convicted by the Holy Spirit to develop character and work on their own issues and by doing so grow closer to their Heavenly Father, spouse, their family, and the communities in which they live.
  3. This class exists to enhance, encourage, and facilitate a more functional and Christ-centered relationship within the family unit, the church, and this community.  It is one of our goals to provide a safe environment in this class where this can take place.
  4. We encourage the application of grace, mercy, forgiveness, unconditional love, and unconditional respect to the disconnects, dysfunctions, and hard feelings that will surface from time to time within a marriage, the family unit, and the church family.
  5. We encourage individuals to deal with and focus on their "own baggage" and not that of your significant other or anyone else's.  Put another way; “Deal with your own stuff.”  To help in doing this, please avoid statements that include the words “you”,” he”, “she”,” always”, and “never”.
  6. Your own journey and story is only yours to share, no one else's.  This implies that an individual has sole storytelling rights to their story and not someone else.  This is also known as confidentiality.  So the experiences, insights, and personal struggles that are shared in this class need to stay in this class.
  7. Marriage is a school from which we shall never graduate from, in this life.
  8. Marriage is more about being the right person than marrying the right person.
  9. The process of learning and growing requires not only hearing and applying knowledge in a humble manner but also forgetting and then remembering those principles again.  Recall Proverbs 24:16 “The righteous person falls seven times, then rises again.”  Learn to be as patient with yourself as God has been with you.
  10. In this class we look for the principles of communication and relationships. Those principles we list in the handouts provided. It is our desire to provide the best presentations available on any given topic, hence we look at a wide array of presenters that come from various backgrounds, sometimes Seventh-day Adventist, and somethimes not.  Occasionally in these presentations there will be points of doctrine that do not coincide with the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  It is our belief that the individuals in this class are mature and intelligent and will compare what is presented to the Scriptures and decide for themselves on what is truth and what is not.
Updated: Jan 25, 2014