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Tithe and Offering Donations
You are invited to make your gifts to God through the venue that works best for you, that is of course why several options have been set up. But for you information, some ways of giving cost the church more than others.

Cash and checks do not cost the church anything to accept.

On-line Giving
- EFT (electronic funds transfers) taken directly from a checking or saving account cost $0.40 per transaction. These are conducted through a safe and secure website.
- Credit and Debit card transactions cost about 2% of each donation to accept. If you choose to give on-line using a Credit or Debit card number, it would be appreciated if you also included an additional 2% on the "UCC online giving expense" line.

But again, giving on-line is preferable to not giving. 

Finally, remember that giving is for your blessing, not accolades--see Malachi 3:10, and compare the sad story of Ananias and Sapphira Acts 4:36 - 5:11 who apparently thought that great generosity would gain them prestige in the church.