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Our Number of Days


Moses lived to be 120 years old before he died on Mount Nebo!  In Psalm 90:10, Moses also seems to recognize the rarity of living to that age.  He mentions how the average lifespan is seventy years - or eighty if we have the strength.  Let's consider this reflected in an amount of days.  If you live to be seventy, you are alive for 25,000 days.  Richard Evans, a writer and radio commentator, had this to say about the fact: "When we are young, 25,000 days may look like a long time.  But remember, we have already used 365 days for every year we have lived.  If we are 16, we have used some 6,000 days.  If we are 30, we have used nearly 11,000.  If we are 40, we have used almost 16,000.  When we reduce life to this formula of figures, it serves notice on us that if we spend it for one thing, we cannot spend it for another... Some of these days belong to rest, some to work, some to worship.  Some belong to our friends and to our family.  Some of these thousands of days will be filled with success and satisfaction, and some with waste, and some with waiting.  Some will be lived in the sunshine, and some in the sorrow and shadow."  No wonder Moses concluded with the prayer he did!  "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." - Psalm 90:12 NIV.

As we begin our new year of 2011, my prayer is for God to give me wisdom in how to spend my number of days left.  I want Jesus to be glorified by the way I live out my years.  Is that your prayer too?