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Emergency Preparedness
By Patricia Wride,

ACS of LOVE Adventist Community Services          Disaster Relief--Special Edition--March 19, 2011

Are you prepared for an imminent crisis?


This article is intended to educate you to the potential harms that may affect us and what you can possibly do to become prepared for an imminent crises, which in this case is the risk of radiation.

According to www.ki4u.com/illwind.htm there are four factors we need to consider that would indicate if we are in imminent danger.
  1. The type and quantity of radioactive isotopes unleashed; nuclear fission bomb(s) or make power plant or nuclear materials facility.
  2. Resulting plume or mushroom cloud altitude and wind direction an speed.
  3. Distance and time before arriving at you location.
  4. Ultimate isotope type and quantiy falling out at your specific location.
ACS of LOVE and Disaster Relief have joined hands to provide this information to keep you ALERT as to what you can do and what you should have on hand, in the event of an imminent crisis. The websites we provide are for you to peruse as you feel led by the Lord, so PLEASE prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do, BEFORE acting.





Submitted: Mar 19, 2011