The Evidence of Creation Series

Stan Hudson, director of the Creation Study Center at the North Pacific Union, has coordinated with the help of scientists and scholars to put together this six-part presentation including a live speaker, Clinton Meharry. Dr. Hudson’s presentation takes the guest on a journey to uncover scientific evidence that directly points to the authority of the creation narrative, and to learn from one of the oldest living texts in our world – the Bible which reveals solid evidence of a Creator God. Through videos, power point slides, and pastor Meharry, each presentation will show how the Bible directly lines up with scientific evidence.


Pastor Meharry will be presenting the following topics Sabbaths at 11 am.

                                                      Nov 6 – The Origin of the Debate

                                                      Nov 6 - The Origin of the Debate Part II

                                                      Nov 13 – The Origin of Humankind

                                                      Nov 20 – The Origin of the Oceans

                                                      Nov 27 – The Origin of the Dinosaurs

                                                      Dec 4 – The Origin of the Earth

                                                       Dec 11 – The Origin of the Universe


                    Above will be linked as presentations are made.